Electricity and Magnetism
(PHY 2301)

Electricity and Magnetism

This is a revised version of the 2009 Electricity and Magnetism module.
In this module: 1. The quality of all diagrams has been greatly improved. 2. All
equations have been written in the required-scientic standard. 3. Unit activities have been
re-structured in such a way that promotes learner centered lessons(active learning).
I have not given solutions of the unit activities. However, during the face to face lessons
we shall discuss these activities together. In this way the learner centered lessons will be

This module is a guide line to the Physics of Electricity and Magnetism. Therefore, you
are encouraged to study any Physics text book that houses the Physics of Electricity and

Wishing you all the best.

Thokozani Kamoto
BScE(Mzuni), BSc(hons) in Physics and Electronics & MSc in Physics(Rhodes University, RSA)